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Lizzie And The Rainman




According to Larry Henley, Tanya Tucker’s 1975 number one, “Lizzie And The Rainman” was actually based on the “Rainmaker” movie.


Henley commented “We tried to disguise the song so it wouldn’t sound like the movie, but that’s where the idea for the song came from.

We had the old Starbuck character and in the movie the main character was Lizzy Currie, but in the song we called her Lizzie Cooper.”


Henley said they wrote the song in 1971 and Alex Taylor and the Hollies both recorded the song  before Tanya Tucker.

Tanya recorded the song in Los Angeles, California, which didn’t exactly please her.


“The record came off great and I really loved it, but the recording was so impersonal. I was used to recording live with all the musicians in the studio, and I just sang to the tracks on this one . I didn’t even see the musicians,’ said Tanya.


“Lizzie And The Rainman” entered the country music charts  April 26th, 1975 and made it to number one the week of  June 13th.


The song was written by Larry Henley and Kenny  O’Dell.  The record was produced by Snuff Garrett.


It was Tucker’s 9th charted song and also scored a # 37 on the pop music charts.




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